New Year, New Website, New Products

Nothing is permanent.

As I watched the ball drop, counting down to 2021 in the silent backdrop of Time Square, I am reminded how surreal this past year was. 2020 was a trying year, filled with intensity, anxiety, fear, passion, chaos, order, a broken heart, a full heart, full human, all of it. When everything on the outside world shuts down, there’s no distraction from feelings, intense or otherwise. Most of my journey this year occurred beneath my skin, through intuition and denial, through the unforgiving tearing down and blissful re-emerging of my being. One of the main lessons I learned on my yoga mat sustained me through the rebuilding process – impermanency, that everything is changing, all the time.  Attachment to permanency is the root cause of suffering.

Letting go…

My being wasn’t the only renovation project of 2020. I have had to learn how to pivot my business that thrived in the model of face-to-face retail and trade shows when that platform no longer existed during the pandemic.

When I created Maeve’s All Natural in the tiny kitchen of my 1900 square foot condo in 2014, the natural skincare world, as we know it now, didn’t exist. Education was at the heart of my business and I learned of the dangers of my uninformed decisions and set out to inform my audience. I was passionate about sharing my research and thrived in imparting my creations with friends and customers alike. In 2017 I was introduced to Hemp CBD and have come to learn so much and gain appreciation for what it can do for our health and wellness.

My company has recently been awarded the Hemp Processor and Retailer license through the Agriculture Department of Ohio. While it pains me to even consider transitioning, I will be putting the skincare side of the business on hold. I have acquired much experience and expertise from the skincare industry and am at a unique position to merge CBD with organic skincare. Perhaps what excites me the most is that I get to contribute to the conversation on CBD, going back to my beloved roots in education.

New year, new website, new products

On Friday, January 8, 2021, I will launch a new website that has been in the works for months.

Our new site has three new key features –

Pay What You Can: you choose the price you want to pay for the products you love.  Check back weekly to see what’s new. This is your opportunity to purchase your favorite SKINCARE from Maeve’s All Natural before it is gone for good. Each week we will release a fan favorite such as Immortelle Face Oil and Vitamin B5 Gel, to give you an opportunity to stock up.

Hemp 101: With the flooding of CBD products to the market, there’s also lots of misinformation. It is challenging for consumers to navigate this new emerging market. We will post weekly on topics such as “What is Hemp and how is it different from marijuana?” and “The difference between isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum.” We’ll also have a Facebook support group for follow-up questions and discussions.

Hemp CBD – as this is our main focus going forward, all of our R&D efforts will be dedicated to hemp CBD. From supplements to sexual wellness to skincare, each of our products will follow the Maeve’s brand of integrity.

With the launch of our new site, we are looking for more ways to make shopping with Maeve’s online quick, easy and fun. We’re looking at some options for subscriptions and more exciting features. If you have any comments or suggestions for us on ways we could improve, just let us know!

This is it for now. I can’t wait to share with you the full site and all its features!

Love and light,
Mimi May

Mimi May