As the owner of Maeve’s All Natural, people call me “Maeve” frequently. When they find out that my name is Mimi, the next question is always, where does Maeve come from?

There’s a remarkable story behind the namesake of my brand – MAEVE.

In 2015 when my skincare company was just a concept, the name Maeve was lesser-known. I wanted a name that encapsulated who I am and what my brand is all about – organic, natural and powered by Mother Earth. During meditation, the name Maeve popped into my head, and I reached out energetically. Immediately a soothing energy surrounded me. This is before the airing of West World. The badass character Maeve became a household name, and the popular clothing boutique Anthropologie unveiled their house brand Maeve. Intrigued, I finished meditation and immediately dove into my “Archangels and Ascended Masters” to look for answers. As the book told me, Maeve is an Irish Goddess who oversees the plant kingdom and aromatherapy – “she who intoxicates”. How fitting! At the time my brand was in the research and development phase; I had just been certified in aromatherapy and was studying to be a certified botanical skincare formulator. I was empowered to reach out to Maeve for guidance, and mantra mixed her healing and loving energy into every batch of products I made. I still call on her from time to time, and to this day, every batch is still mantra mixed.

I feel empowered by Maeve to be more connected with Mother Earth and her abundant creations. Earlier this year, I enrolled in studies of herbalism. There is sacred feminism and wisdom that, when tapped into, brings balance to our overly masculine culture. Women’s history has always been woven with plants and the healing arts, particularly botanical medicine. In virtually every ancient culture, especially my native Chinese, women maintained knowledge of herbal healing to prevent and treat common maladies that affect their communities. When I was a little girl, my mother would pick herbs on our walks and make tea or snacks with them when we got home. To this day, she tends to her garden for hours and urges my landscaper not to get rid of the mugwort and red raspberry plant that’s taking over my front yard.”It’s good for calming the stomach after dinner and removes inflammation.” She is full of these herbal wisdom.
From organic skincare to CBD wellness to perhaps one day herbal infusions, the products I offer under the brand Maeve will evolve. But the reason why I formulate and create will always stay the same – to heal.

No matter how you found our brand – MAEVE, I am glad you are here and allowing me to share my journey and creations with you.

Love and light,


Mimi May