Is everything you make really natural? 

Absolutely! Otherwise we wouldn’t put All Natural in our name! There are lab synthetic versions of naturally occurring ingredients and we think that’s ridiculous. Mother nature gives abundantly and we think your skin deserves the best. We work with our suppliers to bring you the freshest cold pressed oil, organic herbs, nut butters, clay, salts and essential oils.

What does cruelty free mean?

Our products are absolutely, never tested on animals. We test on friends, family and ourselves before we’d even think about testing on poor rabbits. We love animals.   Because of this, we will not be doing business in countries that require animal testing and we are proud of this choice!

Are Your Products Vegan?

Absolutely! Applying the first principal of 8 limbs of yoga here – Ahimsa – nonviolence. We firmly believe in fair treatment of all things living – bees and cows included.

Are Your Products Gluten Free?

Yes. Our products are completely gluten free and do not come in contact with any gluten during production.

Are Your Products Truly Made in the USA Or Are They Just Bottled in the USA?

Handcrafting products is our passion and yes each batch is formulated, crafted and bottled right here in the US. Cleveland Heights, Ohio to be exact. We never use any pre-made bases or mixes.

Where Do You Source Your Raw Material?

The majority of our ingredients come from all over the world! Being a local maker, we do try to source locally however some ingredients are only available in certain regions of the world – French Lavender Oil is a great example and Moroccan Argan Oil being another example. We conduct extensive research to ensure our suppliers’ ethics align with that of ours.

Where does your Shea butter come from?

We are very proud of our shea butter. It is the freshest we’ve ever worked with and best of all, the company we buy from is heavily involved in local development programs in the village where these are made! Every time we place an order, we know the proceeds are being used to directly support development for the communities and families in Northern Ghana that produce them. We know you will appreciate the quality of our Shea and knowing your purchase makes a difference in someone else’s life!

Does Your Product Have a Shelf Life?

Yes. Since our products are truly natural, we do not use any chemical preservatives that extend the life of skincare products indefinitely. The typical shelf life of our products is 9-18 months. Please keep them stored in a cool, dry area, out of sunlight and that will help extend their life longer.

Do you use any preservatives? 

  • Yes. For products that contain water, aloe juice or floral water, we use a natural preservative called Leucidal (Radish Root Ferment). It has an EWG safety rating of 1 and it’s completely natural. In addition, we incorporate cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) to minimize bacteria introduction during production. All our bottles come from an American company and are sterilized. We do not recycle bottles in house.
  • For products that do not contain water, we use a combination of antioxidants to keep it fresh longer – Vitamin E and Rosemary extracts being our favorites. Our Vitamin E (Tocopherol) is completely natural and derived from non-GMO soy from Spain. Unlike synthetic Vitamin E (Tocopheryl or Tocopheryl acetate), the natural form is much more effective, more stable and less acidic.

In the rare cases that you have purchased one of our products and found that it is not up to your standard of freshness, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you in an exchange or replacement.

What is facial oil? When is the best time to apply it and can I wear makeup over it?

Facial oil is a combination of non-fragrant plant oil that’s tailored for the facial skin. Our facial oil is especially formulated to mimic the natural sebum production, which is about 45% triglycerides, 25% wax esters, 12% squalene, 10% free fatty acids, 4% cholesterol and 4% other glycerides. It is the best form of natural skin nourishment.

We recommend applying our facial oil after cleansing and toning in the morning. If you have our Contour Boosting Miracle Cream, use that as your night treatment, otherwise the facial serum can be used at night in replacement of a cream moisturizer. Your face does not need to be completely dry to apply facial oil. It’s actually best to apply when it is still damp from toning, as the moisturizer from our toner will increase absorption and spreadiblity.

To gauge whether you have used the right amount of facial oil: The oil should absorb in fully and not leave any greasy/oily feeling at all. It your skin feels oily after application, you are using too much. If your skin feels dry, apply one or two more drops. Everyone has different skin texture, dryness and size; the beauty of this oil is that it’s completely customizable to each person. Your skin should feel hydrated and silky soft. Most people need half a pump but on dryer wintery days, use more.

Lastly, yes you can use makeup over facial oil. Let your skin soap up the oil for 3-5 minutes before applying any makeup.

What is the source of your Vitamin E oil?

Our Vitamin E oil is natural tocopherol derived from Non-GMO soy from Spain. Watch out for any ingredients that lists tocopheryl (or tocopheryl acetate), as it Vitamin E derived from petroleum.

How soon can I expect my order?

Please allow us 5-7 days after your purchase to complete your order. Each batch of products is handcrafted; this includes creating, bottling, labeling and shipping. Handcrafted items may take longer to produce than mass produced products, and for good reasons! You are getting the freshest skincare possible and not something that’s been sitting on the shelf for months and years. If you need to rush the order for any reason, please send us a note at and we will do our best to meet your requests.

For domestic orders: please allow up to one week after the product is shipped to receive your order. We use a combination of carriers – UPS and USPS. You may track your shipment by using the tracking number and link in the email we sent to you.

For International orders: please allow up to 4 weeks after the product is shipped to receive your order. Most of the time it will arrive sooner but we have no control over Customs and sometimes they randomly inspect packages that could take up to 4 weeks.