CBD Dosing Guide

Finding the right dosage for CBD has been a challenge for many, seeing as efficacy depends on the person’s weight, the potency of the CBD, the route of administration and the desired effect. It takes trial and error to find what works best for you. A rule of thumb is to start low and slow and gradually building your way up until you hit your sweet spot.

There are several ways to orally dose CBD, sublingual (under the tongue), capsule, pills, CBD oil or gummy bear. It’s efficacy depends on bioavailability, which I will talk about in Monday’s blog post.

Sublingual: many will say this is distinctly different from oral as technically CBD is absorbed via the oral mucosa under the tongue and inside the cheek. This way, it is delivered to the bloodstream quickly as it bypasses the digestive system. Onset time may be 10-15 minutes and may last 6-8 hours.

Capsules, pills and edibles: since CBD is to be broken down in the digestive tract in order to take effect, it may take from 20 minutes to an hour for pills and capsules, and up to 2 hours for gummy bears. Other factors affecting efficacy include whether you have food in your stomach, and your metabolism. When swallowed, the effects of CBD tend to kick in slower and last up to 6 hours

There are many other ways to dose CBD such as topical, inhalation and suppositories.

Topical: balms, massage oils, lotions or lubricants are all considered topical. They do not enter the bloodstream (unlike oral). Instead, they act on receptors in the skin and can be used multiple times per day as needed. Onset time is typically 10 minutes and lasting only about 4 hours. Other factors affecting efficacy include the amount of CBD applied and the area of application.

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Mimi May