CBD and Pain

What is chronic pain?

Pain can either be acute or chronic (persistent, lasting more than 3 months) and can be accompanied by depression and anxiety. An estimated 65% of US adults over the age of 65 report suffering from pain and up to 30% of older adults report suffering from chronic pain.

Preventing and treating chronic pain?

Eating a whole plant based healthy diet, getting enough rest and exercise, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco products are all ways to avoid chronic pain. But if you were already suffering from it, traditional therapies given by doctors would include acetaminophen, anti-inflammatory drugs and narcotics. However, negative and long-term side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs are well documented and with aging, the risk increases.

CBD and pain management?

Cannabis and its extracts have long been used to treat painful conditions. The possible mechanisms involved have been the subject of many investigations. Although CB1 activation may be analgesic (relief from pain), other studies clearly show that CB2 agonists are also effective in chronic pain management.

Once CBD is consumed, it acts as a non-competitive inverse agonist of CB2, which allows it to potentially inhibit the immune cell migration that produces inflammation.

The Research

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Start with micro-dosing with 500mg of CBD – at 0.25mg or a quarter dropper x 4 times a day which gives you 16mg of CBD a day.

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