7 Best Goth Makeup To Give You A Dark Look

Throughout the late 2000s and the early 2010s, the darker your makeup the better. However, makeup trends changed quickly meaning the goth look disappeared and was nowhere to be seen. 

Now, the dark look is making a comeback. Get your black eyeliner ready, dig out those black eyeshadows, and make sure your lips are hydrated for those deep matte lipsticks. 

7 Best Goth Makeup To Give You A Dark Look

Below are 7 of the best goth makeup looks that are going to have you feeling like the bold, sensual person that you are.

From extreme cat eyes to smoky shadows, there is something for everyone that is going to push you out of your comfort zone. 

Let’s get into it!

1. Romantic Goth Makeup 

Romantic Goth Makeup is one of the softest variations of goth makeup. It uses traditional makeup techniques but makes them bolder and darker.

The most common combination is to go for a soft eye with bold winged eyeliner that is paired with a deep bold lip. 

Deep reds are also frequently employed. However, you can also experiment with applying a brown or nude lip first, then bringing drama to your eye shadow.

One of the most important aspects of this makeup look is to keep things matte on the eyes and lips. The eye shadow is super blown out with the eyeliner bringing back that definition. 

The skin is also extremely soft with blush being more bold than bronzer or contour. You can use whatever products make your skin look its best without looking too cakey.

Highlighter is a personal preference, go super intense on the high points of the face or wear none at all letting your natural oils shine through. 

Make sure to place plenty of blush on the nose for that ‘being out in the cold’ look that makes everyone look innocent and romantic. 

2. Cyber Goth Makeup 

This type of gothic makeup is for those who know their way around a makeup brush and are not afraid to be creative.

Cyber Goth Makeup can be broken down into multiple sub genres that really open you up to many different styles of makeup. 

Although there are many different styles within this subculture, neon colors and reflecting materials are the most prevalent elements.

This refers to bold eye makeup, which is frequently worn with dark lips. The employment of brightly colored hair extensions, body piercings, and other cosmetic changes is a crucial component of this.

The bright eyeshadow is often complimented with bold dark eyeshadow.

From a more extreme cat eye to the Harley Quinn clown look, you can get super creative with this makeup and just enjoy the process. 

3. Glitter Goth Makeup 

Traditional Goth Makeup would mean you never touch glitter. Not even a sparkly inner corner highlight. Although, as times change so do the rules.

Now you can experiment with color, glitter, and shapes. 

If you are an avid grunge makeup wearer then you are going to love this look.

Complete your regular makeup routine but darken up the outer corner of the eyes and bring that down to the lower lash line.

Then add a lighter color all over the lids with a gorgeous shimmer shade on top. 

Pair with a dark lip and you have a gothic look with a little sparkle. Or take it one step further and add a glitter pigment to your eyes.

This will add an extra pop and really make the eyes the center of attention. 

These looks are great for when you want to turn heads or for festivals where glitter is simply everywhere. Wherever you wear it, you are going to be the star of the show. 

4. Pin Up Gothic Makeup 

True to pin-up style, the goal with this makeup look is to look and feel sexy and glamorous.It combines the dark, gothic look with the sexual senses of 1950s pin-up.

Given that it requires precise lines and close attention to detail, this would be best suited for individuals with more experienced makeup talents.

For those with less than perfect makeup skills a great tip is to use concealer and a small detail brush to clean up any mistakes or unruly lines (see also “How To Clean Hair Brushes“).  

When working on this makeup style be sure to really enhance your own features.

Using a deep brown is much easier to work with than black and use white eyeliner and eyeshadow to really make those high points pop. 

With a little practice, the Pin-Up Goth Makeup can become part of your everyday routine or save it for a special occasion when you want to feel like the powerful woman you are. 

5. E-Girl Makeup 

The E-Girl Makeup look blew up on TikTok and has been popular ever since.

It is the perfect combination of gothic and soft glam makeup techniques and even includes some popular Japanese beauty techniques. 

This makeup style is both edgy and soft which makes it easy to wear for a multitude of occasions. It generally focuses on one color for a monochromatic look.

The eyeshadow, blush, and lips are all this color making your products minimal. 

Begin with a blown-out eyeshadow and strong eyeliner. Don’t be afraid to play with eyeliner shapes here that can completely transform your eye shape.

Keep the bronzer minimal and on the outskirts of the face allowing the blush to be strong. 

Then for the lips, instead of having a defined, crisp lip line, forget the lip liner altogether.

Smudge some of your lipstick of choice onto your lips, blending it outwards for a blurred lip line then top with a gloss.

This is a common beauty trick in Japan and Korea for a soft, supple. Lip shape that is youthful and plump. 

It’s a fun method to play around with your cosmetics and appearance. To give your appearance more edge, you can even add fake piercings or scary contact lenses.

6. Glam Goth Makeup 

Every once in a while we all love to dress up and go full glam with our makeup. But there is a fine line between glam and looking like a doll.

Especially when you begin introducing dark, gothic techniques. 

One of the best ways to bring glam and gothic makeup together is through the eyes and lips.

With a deep smoky eye, you are giving yourself a feline, sensual look that compliments the face instead of being overpowering. Add an inner corner highlight for some sparkle. 

The skin is where you can suddenly look like a 3-year-old playing with mom’s makeup. You want the skin to remain fresh yet flawless.

Use a light, demi-matte foundation and use concealer to cover any blemishes. This allows the skin to breathe and not become too cakey. 

The lips can be nude or dark depending on the occasion, your outfit, and your comfort.

With dark eyes, you may be tempted to keep the lips nude but you can certainly go dark for a more intense look. 

This look is striking and sexy, perfect for date night or just lounging on the sofa. 

7. Pastel Goth Makeup 

Pastel Goth Makeup is exactly as it sounds. Traditional gothic techniques use pastel colors. This is the perfect way to bring some color to your look.

It looks especially good when paired with pastel hair that is the same color as the makeup. 

The eyes are generally simple with a dark smokey eye, featuring a dark wing and smoky lower lash line. Don’t forget to add false eyelashes for a dramatic effect.

These looks typically go without any bronzer or blush but you can add a touch to bring life to the face. 

The lips should be a darker shade of your color choice. For example, if you are using lilac eyeshadow, go for a deep plum or aubergine-colored lipstick.

This adds drama and definition to the face that balances with the more neutral eyeshadow. 

Final Thoughts 

Gothic makeup is often a makeup style that is feared. Yet it uses simple techniques just with much more precision and darker colors. All it takes is practice and the confidence to wear it with style. 

Above are 7 of the best gothic makeup looks that will give you a much more sensual look.

Get your eyeliner and dark lipsticks ready as you explore how a few simple changes can completely transform your look. 

And maybe give you a new personality while you play. We love the looks above for discovering a whole new side of yourself you never knew existed.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Needed For Goth Eye Makeup?

Gothic eye makeup is typically dark. You are going to need dark eyeshadows such as dark browns, grays, and blacks.

You may also need a black Kohl eye pencil for the waterline and eyeliner to make a winged liner. 

A concealer or foundation may also be needed to prep the area beforehand. 

Why Is Gothic Makeup Dark?

Like the goth lifestyle, which is notorious for leading a life of darkness. Black is frequently associated with being mysterious and sinister, which is why goths favor wearing it.

Mimi May