13 Best Egirl Makeup To Try Out For Yourself

If you’ve been on the makeup side of any social media recently, you’ve probably already been bombarded with tutorials, images, and more, all showcasing the increasingly popular Egirl makeup trends.

But just in case you’ve missed it, Egirl makeup is a popular makeup trend that allows individuals to experiment and play with makeup in a fun and creative way.

13 Best Egirl Makeup To Try Out For Yourself

You can expect to go heavy on the blush, try new and funky winged liner styles, highlight your face until you’re sparkling like a star, and add a few sweet and adorable freckles to the mix too. 

Think emo makeup, think punk-rocker vibes and think super cute wide big eyes, and you’ve got the phenomenon that is Egirl makeup.

And if you’d like to try the style out for yourself, you’ve come to the right place, as we’re about to showcase some of the best inspiration for you to recreate. 

1. Grunge Egirl Makeup 

Grunge Egirl makeup is all about dark and bold eye makeup (see also “Best Goth Makeup To Give You A Dark Look“). You’ll want to opt for deep browns and dark blacks when selecting your eye shadow shades.

And just like in this image, don’t be afraid to bring your eyeshadow below your lower lash line. 

You’ll usually pair this makeup look with a thick and long-winged liner that you’ll also extend to the inner corner of your eye.

Then you’ll opt for thick, dark, and bold brows, along with overlined lips and plenty of highlighter.  

2. Edgy Egirl Makeup 

There’s no denying that edgy Egirl makeup is an absolute vibe. With this look, you’re sure to stick out from the crowd.

And recreating it is actually pretty simple. To start, you’ll want some seriously sculpted brows.

You can opt for slits like in the image (you can always use concealer if you don’t dare brave the shave) or you can simply opt for dark and sharp brows if you’d prefer. 

Then you’re going to go all out with your liner. As you’ll notice there’s minimal eyeshadow, instead you’ll be creating a thick and prominent wing along with dark liner under the lower lash too.

Then you’ll want to opt for excessive contouring and a full lip. 

Added jewelry is advised but not essential to complete the look. 

3. Cute Egirl Makeup 

If you’re looking for something a little cuter, then this style of Egirl makeup is the perfect option.

For this option, you’ll go pretty heavy on the nose contour to give the illusion of a button nose, and then you’ll use highlighter on the tip of the nose and the corner of the eyes to make the face pop. 

Then you’ll want plenty of pink or peach blush for a burst of color, and of course, you can’t forget those super cute faux freckles.

The contacts are optional but they definitely help to create those doe eyes that you’re trying to achieve. 

4. Pretty In Pink Egirl Makeup

Chanel your inner Elle Woods by opting for a pretty in pink Egirl makeup style. It’s so cute and pretty and oh-so-feminine. 

As you can expect, this makeup look will involve using a whale lot of pink. Go wild with your blusher and add some faux freckles to the mix too.

Then you’ll want a stunning pink eyeshadow look and a pink shade of lipstick. 

The pink hair definitely helps tie the whole look together, but if you don’t fancy bleaching your hair, you could rock the look with your natural hair or alternatively opt for a pretty pink wig for cosplaying, concerts, or the like. 

5. Simple Egirl Makeup

Believe it or not, Egirl makeup doesn’t always have to be super bold and in your face. As this image proves sometimes it can be stunningly subtle.

This amazing look is achieved by opting for a distinctive sculpted brow, a medium sharp wing, overlined lips, and plenty of faux freckles. 

It’s a light option for those who don’t want their makeup to sit heavy on their face while still achieving that striking Egirl appearance.    

6. Adorable/Anime-Style Egirl Makeup

This adorable anime-like makeup style is ever-popular across the girl scene. The makeup style opts for cat-like and feline features to pay homage to a well-known kemonomimi character. 

As with most Egirl makeup styles, you’ll want to opt for plenty of blusher and that super-contoured nose that is then smothered in highlighter.

You’ll want to opt for a brighter inner eye and then a thick liner too. 

And of course, no true anime makeup style is complete without a set of adorable cat ears. 

7. Goth Egirl Makeup 

Goth Egirl makeup definitely makes a statement. The most distinctive component of this look is opting for a dark and bold lip color.

This can be purple like the image, but dark blue or a black lipstick also makes for a striking sultry choice too. 

Then when it comes to your eye makeup, you’ll want to use a darker shade as your transition color, a dark grey black has been used in this instance.

Then you can choose between a brighter color such as this vivid green, or you can keep things monochromatic by opting for slightly varying grey shades. 

Then to fully complete the look, you’ll want to opt for some big and bold false lashes. 

8. Adventurous Liner Egirl Makeup 

One of the most wonderful things about Egirl makeup is that there are no rules. You can get as creative as you’d like.

So, why not experiment with some particularly unique and adventurous eyeliner?

Since you want the eye look to be the shining star, you can keep the rest of your makeup relatively simple.

You’ll still want to add that excessive blush to keep on theme but opt for subtler brows and lip shades. 

9. Bright & Beautiful Egirl Makeup 

Egirl makeup can still be super sleek, bright, and beautiful as this image proves.

Opt for a bright color to cover the lid, in this instance, the blue has been used to make her blue eyes pop, but you can opt for whichever shade you prefer. 

Then you’ll want to opt for overlined lips in a relatively neutral shade and add glass to give it that extra shine.

You’ll have the typical faux freckles, but this time you’ll tone down the blush and opt for a striking and pigmented highlighter to add a little extra sparkle to the face. 

10. Doll-Like Egirl Makeup 

Doll-like Egirl makeup is all about achieving those wide-eyed doe eyes. And the secret to achieving this is all in the white liner accents.

Adding white liner to the waterline of your eyes is sure to make your eyes seem much bigger and almost doll-like. 

You’ll then want to further emphasize your eyes and their size by opting for a light eyeshadow base and more white liner in the inner eye, or alternatively, you can opt for highlighter to give it that extra sparkle. 

Then you’ll add all the typical makeup characteristics of the Egirl look such as bright lips, blusher, highlighter, excessive wings, and sculpted brows. 

11. Artsy Egirl Makeup

There’s a reason makeup professionals are known as artists. And that’s because they are super skilled at the art that they create. And you can do it too.

Whether you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy picture, a unique Halloween look, or just like bold and unique makeup looks, this style is the perfect option. 

And though this look seems pretty complicated, it’s actually not that hard to recreate.

Simply opt for a simple base, add a striking color, and then play around with eyeliner to create the artistic vision you have for the final look. 

12. Soft Egirl Makeup 

If you’re new to the whole Egirl vibe and want to introduce yourself to it on a slower and smaller scale, then you can’t go wrong with soft Egirl makeup.

Simply put, it incorporates all the typical characteristics of Egirl makeup, just on a much more subtle level. 

You’ll keep your color palette fairly neutral, opting for peaches, beiges, and similar colors. Then you’ll want a smaller wing with dark eyebrows that aren’t too distinct.

Then you’ll opt for a more neutral blush and add just a few faux freckles. 

13. Two-Toned Egirl Makeup 

Two-toned Egirl makeup definitely makes a statement. And if you have a similar hairstyle as in the image above, it ties in perfectly.

For this look, you’ll be opting for two-toned everything, from the stylish thin brows to the vibrant eyeshadow, to the bold and daring ombre-style glossy lips. 

You’ll also notice that even the blush that is used ties into the color scheme. Then you’ll highlight the inner eyes, and nose to give the look that little added extra sparkle. 

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that Egirl makeup is a trend that is taking over the world.

And rightly so. It’s a great way to allow individuals self-expression through their makeup, and the result is absolutely stunning. 

And it’s so versatile! Whether you’re looking for something grungy, sultry, and edgy, or soft, cute, and adorable, there’s an option out there for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get experimenting today! 

Mimi May