13 Best Cute Makeup Looks To Try Out For Yourself

As all of us true makeup-loving girlies know, makeup is much less about self-improvement than it is about self-expression.

The blank canvas of your face is beautiful just as it is, but there’s just something so therapeutic about dedicating that time to yourself, sitting in front of your bedroom mirror, and creating something unique and downright stunning.

13 Best Cute Makeup Looks To Try Out For Yourself

After all, it’s called makeup artistry for a reason. 

And if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next masterpiece, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the top-trending makeup looks that are so cute that you’ll never want to try another makeup style…almost (see also “Best Makeup Ideas To Try Out For Yourself“). 

1. Two-Toned Pastel Eyeshadow 

Pastel eye makeup is all the rage at the moment, and with great reason, it’s such a beautiful eye look that requires minimal effort, can be dressed up or down, and is easily adaptable.

Generally, you’ll pick two pastel shades and cover the eyelid with one and then accent the outer corners with a slightly darker shade.

But for a more adventurous look, you could also follow the structure of the picture above and opt for alternating half and half on the top and bottom of the eye. 

Be sure to play around with colors and find what works best for you. To keep things simple, you could opt for one pastel color and simply use a lighter and darker shade for your two tones.

But if you’re looking for a look that will pack more of a punch, you can opt for two different colors such as this lovely pastel yellow and blue. 

2. Peach Blush & Lips

So simple, so effective, so cute. You can really never go wrong with a bit of double peach.

The shade is such a great choice because it’s light enough that it works perfectly for daytime natural makeup, yet it is also dark enough to emphasize your gorgeous natural features.

And as you can see from this image, it creates such a subtly stunning look that keeps the face looking bright and beautiful.

All you need to do is opt for a peach lip liner and lipstick or lipgloss and a generous application of peach blusher. If you want to really go all out, you could even opt for a peach eyeshadow look too. 

3. Smoky Eye

Smoky eyes are a trend that defies time, they always have and always will be in style.

And though they are usually synonymous with the likes of sultry and sexy, with the right shades of eyeshadow and corresponding makeup, they can definitely look super cute too. 

To keep things on the cuter side of life, opt for lighter or brighter colors such as peach and pink and then smoke out the look with a beige or lightish brown instead of dark brown and black shades. 

4. Halo Eye

This is a slightly more advanced eye makeup look, so we’d advise beginners to try and look up a few Youtube tutorials before they attempt it.

But the hard work is easily rewarded once you produce that dramatic and oh-so-cute final product. 

Halo eye makeup is very trendy right now thanks to its eye-catching nature.

You’ll want to opt for a light and bright eyeshadow to place on the center of your lid which you will then frame with a contrasting color to produce that halo effect. 

There are so many different color combinations to try, so be sure to play around and experiment with them all. 

5. Red Lips

As a very popular country-pop singer said it herself, red lips never go out of style. And leaving it out of a top cutest makeup styles list would be absolutely criminal.

Whether it’s night or day, a bold crimson red lip will always look super sleek and cute. 

And the best part is that depending on the corresponding makeup, it can look totally different each time you try it.

For a more muted and cutsie look, you’ll want to stick to simple and natural makeup, or for more of a sultry statement, you can opt for a darker eye look with lots of liner. 

6. Colored Eyeliner 

If you’re looking for something super cute and creative, then why not add a burst of color to the mix? Opting for a bold-colored liner is so pretty and adds an extra dimension to any makeup look. 

And you can play around with different colors that suit your skin tone or eye color.

Greens and dark purples work best for hazel eyes, blue and greys help to make blue eyes pop, and darker shades work wonders for darker eyes. 

7. Sunset Eye Makeup

Sunset eyes are bold, bright, and beautiful. As you can probably gather from the same, you’ll use shades of eyeshadow that reflect a sunset.

This usually includes a range of yellows, oranges, browns, pinks, and more. 

It’s such a cute look that works amazingly well during the summer. You’ll also be happy it’s pretty easy to recreate!

Just start with your lightest color towards the inner eye, and blend outwards using your slightly darker and bolder shades. 

8. Metallic Makeup

Shiny metallic makeup is something many individuals can shy away from since it’s pretty bold and has to be done just right.

But if you can achieve that seamless and perfectly blended eye makeup using metallics it will look absolutely adorable (see also “How To Blend Contouring Makeup“). 

The best advice we can give when it comes to keeping metallics looking cute is to use a small eyeshadow brush and use a light dusting motion to apply.

Start off small, you can always add more as needed. Try and focus your metallics in the corner of your eyes and your bottom lash line too. 

9. Gold Accents 

We love gold-accented makeup. It’s definitely giving Goddess vibes.

It’s definitely a brave and bold makeup look that would look phenomenal at music festivals or parties and will produce some seriously Instagram-worthy photographs. 

To recreate this look, you’ll want to go heavy on the shimmery gold eyeshadow and then blend it in with some brown, dark orange, or beige eyeshadow.

Then, a gold highlighter will be your best friend, apply it generously to your cheekbones, nose, cupid bow, and chin. 

10. Bedazzled Eye Looks

Why not add a little extra sparkle to your next makeup look by adding diamontes or rhinestones to the mix?

No matter what eyeshadow look you opt for, be it bright and beautiful or nude and natural, a little extra sparkle is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. 

If you’re going to a concert, a party, or even just a date night, this is the perfect makeup look to have you feeling super cute. 

11. Bold Brows 

When doing your makeup, there’s usually more emphasis on ensuring the perfect eye look, and the right lip shade, but you should never underestimate the power of the perfect brow.

And full, thick, and bold brows are all the rage right now. 

And achieving these bold and beautiful brows is much easier than you might think. Simply sculpt your brows using a brow gel, then fill them in using a pencil or gel.

Then once you’re done comb through your brows using a spoolie. 

12. Animal-Print Eyes

If you’re looking for something unique, quirky, and super cute, then you can’t go wrong with an inventive animal print eye look.

And they’re easier to recreate than you might assume. You’ll want to use a light base over the lid and then pick your defining color to shade the outer eye.

Then you’ll want to use eyeliner to trace the animal print pattern. 

This cow-print eye shadow look is so cute. But you can also experiment with other animal prints too such as cheetah print which also looks both cute, stylish, and slick. 

13. Fantastic Florals 

If you’ve got a little extra time to spare, why not experiment with finer liner details such as this stunning floral eyeshadow look?

Patience and precision will be key here, and we’d definitely recommend a few trial runs first since it is quite an advanced makeup look. 

You’ll want to pick your lid base shade as well as your slightly darker transition shades and blend them together perfectly.

Then with your liquid liner, you’ll need to carefully set about creating those teeny tiny flowers. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you’re a makeup beginner or a seasoned veteran, there are plenty of super cute looks here to try the next time you settle in for a makeup pamper session.

And regardless of whether you prefer nice and natural or bold and beautiful, there’s something for you too. 

And the beauty of each and every one of these options is that they can be adapted to fit your own sense of style. Plus, the experimentation is part of the fun.

So, be sure to play around with different shades and colors, find what suits your personal eye color and skin tone, and discover that perfect super cute makeup look for you. 

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Mimi May