12 Best 1920s Makeup To Keep Wearing Today

Believe it or not, the origin of makeup transcends all the way back to Ancient Egypt, a whopping 6000 years ago, where its use was a marker of wealth that appealed to the Gods.

Nowadays, its purpose is to appeal to the individual. We wear the makeup that makes us feel the best, we wear makeup because we enjoy the process. 

12 Best 1920s Makeup To Keep Wearing Today

But over the past 6 millennia, there has been a plethora of different styles and trends that we have followed.

And actually, much of the current makeup trends are still based on these older options. 

And when it comes to looking for downright stunning makeup inspiration, the 1920s is by far one of the most superior eras.

And there are many trends that were used during this influential decade that should definitely be tried and trialed in today’s era.

So, with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the very best 1920s makeup trends that you should still be wearing today (see also “Best 70s Makeup To Keep Wearing Today“)!

1. Roaring 20s Makeup 

This modern take on the Roaring 20s makeup style is effortlessly beautiful.

The bright and pretty blush gives the face a beautiful burst of color that pairs amazingly well with those sharp and defined bold lips.

Then, of course, you can’t forget those sleek and stylish super-thin eyebrows. 

To really achieve that bold and pigmented blush look, try to apply a cream formula to the apples of your cheeks and blend.

Then go over this with a bright powder blush to intensify and enhance the look. 

2. 20’s Diamond Glam

20s diamond glam might not be quite as striking or bold as some modern-day looks opting for glitter glue and the likes, but its subtle sparkle is still a thing of awe. 

When it comes to recreating this look, a great skincare regime will be your best bet. You want to achieve that silky smooth glowing skin.

Then, you’ll want to opt for a bold crimson lip, the more sculpted and structured the lip looks the better. 

To fully tie everything together, you’ll then want to opt for a glistening gold eyeshadow across the lid with a small wing, and natural brows. 

3. 1920s Doll-Like Beauty

Doll-faced makeup was very popular back in the 20s, it was reminiscent of the toys during that time period, and it produces a stunning makeup look.

With fully-flushed cheeks using blusher, long lashes, and white liner on the waterline, this look can be easily recreated.

And is actually pretty popular in the modern Egirl makeup trend. Then there’s those very distinctive lips that are small and sculptured using lip liner and a bold lipstick. 

You can stick to tradition here, or you can use this as inspiration for a more modern take on the style.

Using white liner to create doe eyes, lots of blusher, and a fuller lip, can help to create something a little closer to contemporary makeup styles. 

4. Great Gatsby-Inspired Makeup Looks 

The 1920s were known for their grand and lavish parties, and with that came some pretty amazing bold and beautiful party makeup looks.

And these never go out of style. These Great Gatsby-inspired looks involve a dark and defined brow, a heavy smokey eye, and a striking crimson lip. 

For a more modern twist, you can also add tons of contour and highlighter for added definition to the face too. 

5. Flapper Pearls 

If you’re looking for a more modern and contemporary look that has 1920s elements, then you can never go wrong with pearls.

Pearls were pretty much a staple part of any flapper’s makeup look, and they were often used to add extra detail to enhance the overall design. 

This look opts for more typical current makeup styles with a neutral color palette, plenty of face sculpting, and a dramatic eyeliner look, but it is totally elevated by the addition of those stunning pearls.

It’s the perfect party option that pays homage to the roaring 20s. 

And it’s so easy to recreate! All you need is some pearls and a little bit of eyelash glue! 

6. 1920s Art

Bold, daring, bright, and beautiful. 1920s makeup was all of these things.

You’ll notice this look incorporates those characteristically stick-thin eyebrows but don’t worry if you don’t want to brave the shave, you can use glue and concealer to hide your natural brows. 

The next noticeable thing is the whimsical use of tons of color. For those who like to make a statement, there’s no end to the fun you can have recreating this look.

Play around with all of your favorite colors and eyeshadow palettes and find the perfect ‘20s party look. 

7. Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes were as popular in the 1920s as they are in the 2020s, and they’ll likely still be in style in 3020 too.

After all, it’s such a stunning timeless look that can never go wrong. But what’s so great about this 20s-inspired makeup look is the burst of color. 

Smoky eyes don’t just have to be black, brown, and grey shades. They can be any color you want them to be.

And this glitzy and glamorous deep purple smoky eye is undoubtedly gorgeous and is very reminiscent of the glamorous ‘20s era. 

8. Minimalistic Makeup 

The makeup in the 20s didn’t always have to be as extravagant as the parties they hosted, as this image proves. This makeup look is so reminiscent of the time period but is very subtle and simplistic. 

Simply opt for a deep and bold lip, and choose a similar shade to dust the eyelids and the bottom lash line. Then add just a small amount of liner and keep those brows dark, thin, and defined. 

9. 20s-Inspired Dark & Drastic Makeup 

This 1920s makeup look takes the smoky eye to a whole new level, and honestly, it’s such a vibe.

The thin black brows with that heavy black eyeshadow create such a defined and  drastic look that is show-stopping. 

A sharp lip in a bold color, along with a relatively pale face contrasts perfectly to make a really bold makeup look.

To add a little modern touch, you could crack out the bronzer and contour to warm the face slightly and you could add more of a cut crease to the eyeshadow. 

10. Modern Take On The 20s

This stunning look is the perfect combination of both modern and old-fashioned influences.

It looks sleek and stylish and current, and yet upon closer inspection you’ll see all those distinctive characteristics of 1920s makeup; thin eyebrows, bold and sculpted lips, and exaggerated lashes. 

Then can we just take a minute to discuss the hair? This overall look is absolutely phenomenal. You’re sure to look just like you’re about to dance the night away at a burlesque club! 

11. 1920s Gothic Makeup 

We must say we are obsessed with this 1920s gothic makeup style. The thin eyebrows and pointed lips look absolutely stunning and the eyeshadow look is so eye-catching. 

To recreate this look, you’ll want to use a highlighter or white liner in the inner eye and then blend together several darker yet bold shades of eye shadow.

You’ll then need long exaggerated false eyelashes to complete the look. 

And don’t forget to add a generous amount of bright pink blush to the apples of your cheekbones to really make it pop!

12. Soft & Subtle 20s 

Looking at these fluffy, laminated brows and sleek and subtle eye makeup, you may think that this look has a more modern influence.

And in some ways it does. But that doesn’t mean that the subtle homage to the roaring 20s doesn’t shine through. 

With the blushed cheeks, soft lips, and wing-like lashes, this soft and subtle 20s look is a more muted option for those that enjoy the doll-like style of the 1920s without having to fill in their waterline or wear too much makeup (see also “Best 80s Makeup To Keep Wearing Today“). 

It can also be more easily adapted to look a little less modern if you’d prefer, change that blush orange lipstick for a deeper purple or burgundy hue and thin down those brows, and you’ll have the perfect 1920s makeup option. 

Final Thoughts 

The 1920s was a time of grandeur, opulence, and extravagance, so really, it should come as no surprise that this was reflected in the makeup looks commonly worn during the time period. 

And there are so many options to choose from that allow the roaring 20s to shine through.

Whether you’re looking for something dark and dramatic or something a little more understated and simple there is an option for you. 

All of these looks are pretty easy to recreate too, so regardless of whether you are a makeup newbie or a seasoned makeup veteran, you should be able to try these styles out today.

So, whether you want to unleash your inner flapper, drown yourself in pearls, or play around with whimsical colors, there’s something for you to try. 

Mimi May